Tula Pink Quilt

Well I have been much more active the past few years on Instagram at Fanciful Art Room rather than my blog but since we are starting a new school year I thought it was a good time to return to much much neglected blog because talking about art is my favorite thing to talk about!

To kick off the new school year I decided to keep up my tradition of a big collaborative project so at mu two schools we did school wide collaborative paper quilts to start the  year!

I was inspired by Shine Brite Zamorano who created a similar paper quilt in 2017 by looking at the wildly popular fiber artist Tula Pink. Do check out both of their web sites to see more awesome art!

I started my first art class of the year my making a video to share my rules and procedures with my students so I wouldn’t forget anything and not have to repeat myself 40 times. https://youtu.be/iYu2hBfZhK8

I prepped for this lesson by cutting hundreds of 6X6 squares and triangles out of all the colors of the rainbow. Each student 2nd-5th grade was able to pick a square and triangle of the color of their choice but they had to stick to analogous colors which I introduced or reviewed. Once they glued the triangle onto the square I showed them hoe to use a ruler to draw a diamond on the square and with the older kids I showed them how to use colored pencils to color their diamond in a way that showed value.

Finally I played with different layouts before I settles on one to assemble all the pieces together! At one school I hung it outside my school gym and cafeteria and at the other school we hung it on the wall of the library. It was so satisfying to see it all together!

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