End of the Year Origami

I needed a short lesson to do with my students on the last day that I had students for the year. I wanted something that used few supplies and created little mess since I was already packing up one of my two classrooms. Origami was a perfect solution!

I don’t have tons of experience with origami myself but I remember I loved doing it when I was in elementary school so I ordered a pack of origami paper this year. To help us all out I decided to do a flipped classroom lesson and I chose from the origami videos on Art for Kids Hub to play for the students while we all made origami together. I loved it because I was able to walk around and help students while the video played so that they ones that picked it up quicker wouldn’t get board waiting.

We did two videos, first Easy Origami Flower then Origami Purse (which I pointed out could be a bag to hold Pokemon cards to get a few reluctant boys totally excited). A lot of my creative students decided to attach their flower to the front of the purse when they were done, I LOVED it! The kids were so excited to have made something they could use. I did this with both second and third grade. I also did Origami Box video with some 5th graders but I forgot to take pictures.

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