Classroom and Management Procedures

Here is a peek into some management tools I use to run my classroom:




  • Each class is able to move a maximum of 3 spaces on the game board towards an art party.
  • Pinned above the white board are 3 colored rectangles.
  • The students start each class with all 3 squares.
  • If they have trouble as a group staying quiet or following directions you can pull off the green card. Then the students will earn just two space moves in the art game at the end o f class.
  • If they are still having trouble  following direction remove the yellow card then they will just move one space at the end of class and so on.
  • At end of class move their teachers name on the game board however many spaces they have left.


My art dollar reward pockets were featured at my school!

ART DOLLARS: Give out blank art dollars to students showing that they are being extra awesome at following rules. Students write full name and teacher’s name on dollar and put it in the pocket chart in the pocket with their teacher’s name.

I used an over the door shoe organizer to make a pocket for each class to collect art dollars I have passed out.

Art Room Consequences:


  • Verbal Warning
  • Write name on green Warning dry erase board on cabinet by sink
  • Write name on yellow board, then 5 minute time out
  • Write name on red board and 10 minute time out
  • Note Home to parents (found on side of cabinet near classroom door)


Warning boards and Rules

Art Room Rules

ACT RESPONSIBLE – Make good choices.

RESPECT  yourself, others, materials.

TRY YOUR BEST – Think art smart & don’t give up.

IMAGINATIVE – Show me something different.

STAY SEATED – Raise your hand and wait patiently.

TALK QUIETLY and keep working.

This is my free choice shelf. The students are trained how to use supplies on this shelf when they finish a project early. It has worked very well but sometimes I wonder if it is a little too fun.

Hall Passes are clipped to a paper by the door. 1 girl and 1 boy are allowed at a time.

Attention getters:  The students are allowed to talk quietly while they work. To get their attention I say “Hands on Top”. Students must put down anything they are holding, put both hands on their head (or in their lap for a long direction) and students say “Everybody stop!”.

This year I have started a new system to organize papers, handouts, and special supplies that go with each grades lesson. This has saved me a lot of time hunting around the classroom for a particular item. 

Clean up: Stop the class before the last 5 minutes to clean up. If doing a messy project I have art room jobs posted on the bulletin board up front. The kids do the job that matches the number on their table. Just call their number to have them do their job.


Board where I organize my lesson examples. (My other classroom also has I Can statements posted with these but I forgot to add them here for this round of lessons.)
This is where I post student clean up Jobs. Each table seat is marked with a number and the student sitting there is responsible for that art job.

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