Sea Turtles

3rd Grade Visual Art

Sea Turtles

Third grade started this lesson by reading “I’m the Best Artist in the Ocean” and noticed all the different styles the giant squid in the book could draw. Then we created our background by using the wet-on-wet watercolor technique. Then we did a salt technique where we sprinkled salt on the wet watercolor on our paper. As the water starts to evaporate the salt sucks up extra pigment leaving behind a crystallized effect. (Plus we got to make real salt water for our sea turtles)

To create our turtles we used sharpie to draw on heavy weight aluminum foil. We create our own texture plates out of recycled materials, mesh produce bags wrapped around cereal boxes. When we colored our turtles in we put our foil on top of the texture plates which created a bumpy turtle shell texture on our drawings.

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