Playing with Piet and Philip in 1st Grade


PHILIP TSENG is an artist and illustrator in the city that I used to live in, beautiful San Diego. I saw this image above years ago, when i first when back to school to get my teaching licence to become an art teacher . I filed it away on my tumblr blog because I thought it was such a playful interpretation of a modern art classic by Mondrian.


I came across the brilliant lesson plan on Shine Brite Zamorano where the kids made their own version on Philip Tseng’s illustration while learning art history with the inclusion of Mondrian. My 1st graders looked at the work from both artists and talked about how each is similar and different. We also got to talk about primary colors and contour lines!





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  1. dmasse71 says:

    they look awesome!What school are you at in SD? We are having our annual student exhibit next Weds 6/22 if you would like to come by:)


    1. I’m not in SD anymore, now I am living in North Carolina. I wish I could go! I’d love to see all your students art in person!


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