Near and Far Seascape

2nd Grade Visual Arts

Near and Far Seascape

Second grade learned about the element of art SPACE and the idea of PERSPECTIVE. They learned to create a sense of depth in their picture.

By using the foreground, middleground, and background in an image we can show that an object if farther away by making it smaller and higher up in the composition.

After discussing perspective and looking at several examples I showed the students how to draw sail boats, big, medium and small. My first class we did this with oil pastel however the students weren’t able to achieve the level of detail they wanted so for the other classes I gave them sharpies to draw with. Then they used oil pastels to color them in and we used liquid watercolor to paint with.

I wish I had used the real watercolor paper with this project because I think the water would have looked even more water-like however we are on short supply so we made due with 80lb sulfite paper. I still love how intense the colors came out. These looked fantastic hanging in the hallway.

You may notice some sticky notes on several of them. During my schools Kindness week I took a group of 3rd graders around to all the artwork hanging in the school and they left little notes on artwork they really liked. The third graders LOVED doing this. (Plus I was very happy with their excellent behavior in the hallway during our little ‘field trip’)


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