Henri Rousseau Tiger

This is a lesson I did with my after school kindergartner who comes to me every other Thursday to have extra art time! She is an extra talented kindergartner so if I were to do this again with a whole class I would make it with an older grade like 1st or second grade.

First we looked at images of Henri Rousseau and talked about how he broke objects down into simpler shapes and how he loved to use patterns and repetition. We started by drawing a circle for the head. Then we added on two ovals for his muzzle and a letter U for his chin. We used a heart shape for his nose and almond shapes for his eyes. More upside down letter U’s for his ears and then added his body and stripes.

We traced over all our pencil lines with sharpie marker. Then looked at which shapes were orange on his body and painted with liquid watercolor paint. Finally we cut out oval shapes from various cool colored tissue paper and painted on liquid glue with a brush to apply the leaves. We talked about how the leaves in Rousseau’s paintings overlap so we can overlap our leaves. To finish it off we scrunched some warm colored tissue paper for flowers.

My kinder did such a great job! I love the final result. I would love to do this again in the future and have a whole jungle in the hallways at school.

This was inspired by an awesome lesson at Kathy’s AngelNik Designs & Art Project Ideas.


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