Snowmen Selfies


4th Grade

Multiple Perspective Snowmen

Objective: Have students learn that they can create different compositions of the same object by looking at the object from different perspectives.


3 squares of grey construction paper

rectangle construction paper

oil pastels


  1. Explain the concept of looking at the same object from different perspectives about how it can looks different from a new perspective while still retaining the same physical traits.

  2. Students must draw the same snowman from 3 different perspectives while still wearing the same hat and scarf or other accessory of students choosing.

  3. Demo how to blend with oil pastels to create a sense of form and value on snowballs making up the snowman

  4. Students draw the same snowman 3 times from different angles

  5. Glue 3 snowman on 6X18 colored construction paper, evenly spread apart. This step was much more difficult for the students than I expected. I gave them rulers to help get an even border but they still needed me to help adjust a number of them.




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