Winter Town Collage

Kindergarten and Pre-K made this adorable winter town collages. This project is pretty simple but I just love how they turned out! Everything the kinders do has so much personality. We learned about the elements of art SHAPE and the principal of design REPETITION. It gave them a little practice with cutting and plenty of time to get used to gluing with glue sticks.

First we talked about what happens with the weather in the winter and what their neighborhoods look like in the winter.

For this project to save time I pre-cut all the rectangles for the houses but I had the students cut triangles for the roofs. I had them choose three rectangles and arrange them in a row in the middle of the paper. Then they cut the roofs and glued them all down.

Next they used crayons to decorate their houses but the gluing was complicated enough for a lot of them so some houses didn’t get much decorations.

Finally I passed out trays with white paint mixed with a touch of water. I had them paint the ground and paint snow falling from the sky. Some kinders loved this step so much they neighborhood ended up in a blizzard. I hope this isn’t a prediction to how our weather will be this winter! I love a good snow day but I don’t want to be in school until July. Especially since one of my two schools is year round and starts in July!


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