Kindergarten Reindeer

Kindergarten Reindeer

This is a lesson I also did with my kinders last year. Its a great one day lesson to do right before Christmas break. I love how much personality each reindeer has!


  • Tempera Cakes (I love this paint for great k-1 since it is easier to clean up and clean up with k-1 can get chaotic)
  • 9X12 heavy weight sulfite paper
  • Black oil pastel
  1. Start by having the kids turn their paper landscape style (where the longest side is on the bottom I tell them)
  2. First we do a directed line drawing where they start with drawing a circle for the head with the black oil pastel, a bigger circle for the body, and 4 rectangles for legs.Then I show them how to add on a face and antlers.
  3. Next we talk about the horizon line, the line where the sky touches the ground. They will want to paint the sky as a line on the very top so it is a new concept for them that the whole space above the horizon line is sky.
  4. Then along the horizon line we draw simple triangles as trees.
  5. When they paint the picture in they can leave the ground white since it is covered in snow! (Although some wont) It saves time to get it done in one day.
  6. While I make color suggestions you can see in the pictures some of the kinders have their own ideas on what to color things and at this age I don’t say a word if they make an unusual color choice. It’s all about getting know know the materials.


  • I can use a paintbrush safely and appropriately.
  • I can explore the medium of paint to express myself.



Thanks to the Tiny Art Room for the inspiration! Check this blog out, I LOVE it!


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