Kindergarten learns about LINES

Kindergarten Learned about LINES. They used OIL PASTELS to create shapes by connecting different types of lines together. They also learned about the proper use of a paintbrush to create these colorful paintings!


Tell students that the first thing they need to learn to make awesome art is a LINE! Everything is made out of different types of lines.

Explain “A line is a dot that takes a walk” you start by making a dot on your paper (model on the white board) but then your dot “walks” across the paper (board) and leaves a line behind.

After Lines are introduced  talk about the many types of lines… straight, zigzag, loopy, wavy, etc.  Then  show them how they can make dotted and dashed lines, lines that start out wavy and then become spiky and even lines that are made by placing shapes in a row.

To create this line painting the kinders started with oil pastels. They used a color of their choice to draw the largest rectangle they could fit on the page.Then I told them to take a finger and place it in the middle of one of the sides of the rectangle. Then put your oil pastel where you finger is and draw some type of line to another side of the rectangle. I purposely kept my directions fairly loose to see what kind of results we would get. Next the students were to put their finger in the center of the line they just drew and draw a different type of line to another spot on the rectangle.

I had them repeat this a few times and then passes out the paint. I spent a long time explaining the proper use of a paintbrush and how to use the tempera cakes. Then I instructed them to fill in each shape they created with a different color. I think in the future I may ban black because while some students used it well, it overwhelmed many paintings.


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