Where the Wild Things Are

This lesson turned out to be possibly my favorite thing I have done with my students. It was the first lesson I did after coming back after maternity leave and it took months but it ended up being totally worth it. Each monster that the kids imagined came out so creative and unique. I did this with both second and third graders at both my schools so in the end I had about 250 monsters and I hung all of them.

Where the Wild Things Are Collage:


Line, texture, sketch, shape, resist, process, collage

Day 1

Students design a wild thing monster. This is a sketch/plan for the painting. Use wild thing worksheet for examples.

Day 2&3

Students redraw their wild thing on larger paper with oil pastel

Students paint wild thing with watercolor paint

Day 4&5

Begin background. This is a collage made with construction paper. Students will create a forest of cut out shapes on a black background

Day 6

Students will cut out their wild thing and glue it on the background collage then add details with construction paper crayons.


I CAN use lines to create textures for my wild thing project

I CAN use a process to create my painting

I CAN create a paper collage for my background using shapes

I CAN use the watercolor technique, resist

Understand characteristics of the Elements of Art, including lines, shapes, colors, textures, form, space, and value.
Understand the “story” in works of art.
Create art from real and imaginary sources of inspiration.
Use art vocabulary, including specific artistic terms.

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