Paper Bag Turkeys

As an elementary art teacher I get asked to do art for special projects a lot. When it fits into my plans I love to help out. The cafeteria asked me to have the kids make some decorations for the thanksgiving lunch that parents attend. Last year I had the kids make pumpkins. This year they made turkeys out of brown paper lunch bags. This is a little more crafty that I usually get with my lessons but they turned out so cute! They were done by various grades, which ever classes were done with a project before the other classes in their grade.


  • Fill bottom half of bag with crumpled newspaper.
  • Tie off neck with yarn through the middle and poof out the top portion to be more round.
  • Cut out big oval shapes with construction paper and glue on shoulder to be wings.
  • Trace handprint and cut out for tail feathers. Glue to back.
  • Cut out face from construction paper and let kids go to town with any other details they want to add.




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