1st Grade Pumpkins

1st Grade learned to mix their own WARM COLORS using yellow and red to create orange to paint their pumpkins.

1st grade also learned about TEXTURE. They learned that texture is used in art to show the viewer how something in their artwork might FEEL to the touch.  

To make these adorable pumpkins my students first started with a dot near the top and near the bottom of the pace using a black oil pastel. Next they connected each dot with a letter C and a backwards letter C. Then I showed them how to draw more C’s to fill in the rest of the ribs of the pumpkin.

Next I passes out a tray with red and yellow paint cups. I told the kids to paint once segment of their pumpkin with plenty of yellow and then dip the tip toe of their brush in the red paint and paint right over the yellow. The kids squealed in excitement as the paint turned orange! I instructed them to paint each segment separately until it was complete.

On day two I passes out fall leaf rubbing plates and “naked” crayons. I showed them how to lay the crayon flat like it was sleeping on the paper with the texture plate tucked under the paper. The kids rubbed the crayons to their hearts content all over the page to create the leaf impressions. Some of the students had a hard time holding the paper still while rubbing so I walked around and assisted while encouraging them to help a neighbor.

While they were working I passes out their dry pumpkins and told them to cut out the pumpkin and glue it to their textured background.

Classify art into categories, such as landscapes, cityscapes, seascapes, portraits, and still life.
Understand characteristics of the Elements of Art, including lines, shapes, colors, textures, form, and space.
Create original art that expresses ideas, themes, and events.

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