Royal Pooches

Royal Pooches

This is a project I did with 3rd grade and some 4th and 5th graders. It is based on a Deep Space Sparkle lesson that I adapted for watercolor/oil pastel resist.

At the beginning of my lesson I showed the students how to draw several breeds of dogs and then I gave them handouts from Deep Space Sparkle to let them choose and draw a dog of their choice. They drew strait in oil pastel because it saves a lot of time to avoid students erasing and redrawing endlessly. (Though some still chose to start in pencil) Then they used liquid watercolor paint to fill in the dogs. We didn’t have brown but I showed the students that they could make their own brown by layering two complimentary colors. For us orange then purple worked best.

We used this lesson for our Square 1 Art fundraiser. They turned out great! The kids were really pleased with their paintings.



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