Kindergarten Arctic Penguin

Kindergarten Arctic Penguin

I love how colorful the backgrounds turned out in this lesson and I especially love the personalities each penguin had. I wish I had taken more pictures of this lesson, they all turned out so good! This is a really good lesson for Kinders to practice their cutting skill.



  • 18X12 white heavy weight paper
  • tempera paint & brushes (I used tempera cakes)
  • 9X12 black construction paper
  • 9X12 white¬†construction paper
  • orange scraps of construction paper
  • glue
  1. Paint background of 12X18 paper with stripes of various colors.
  2. Draw letter’ U’ or ‘n’ on a 9X12 black paper and cut out (remind them to make it BIG).
  3. Trace onto white paper then draw a smaller U inside first lines, cut out along smaller shape.
  4. Glue white shape on black shape so that the flat bottoms match up.
  5. Glue penguin body onto background.
  6. Use scraps to add eyes, beak, wings and feet onto penguin. For the feet I had them fold an orange paper in half and draw a letter ‘v’ and then cut out both feet at the same time. A zigzag at the bottom for toes was optional for the more advanced cutters.

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