Jim Dine Hearts

Jim Dine Hearts

This is a lesson I did rather last minute when I was asked to put up a Valentines Day display in the school front entrance but it has turned into one of my favorite lessons that I might repeat again.


8X11 white sulfite paper

9X12 colored construction paper

oil pastels



Introduce Jim Dine and show examples of his heart artwork


  • American Pop Artist

  • Uses hearts as his subject

  • Uses different materials (oil paint, watercolor, sculpture)

  • Bright colors

  • Repetition

  • Simple images with exciting colors and textures


  1. have students fold paper in half ‘hot dog’ style then unfold
  2. have students fold paper in half ‘hamburger style’ then unfold
  3. draw lines over fold lines with black oil pastel to form a +
  4. have students draw a little dot half way between the side of paper and middle line along the horizontal line on both sides
  5. draw a large letter ‘m’ starting from the dot with the middle of the ‘m’ falling on the center line **emphasis the bumps in the ‘m’ or lots of students will end up with a half a circle instead
  6. draw a letter ‘V’ starting from the dot going down to meet at the vertical line in the center of the page
  7. now students have drawn a heart. help students redraw their hearts if it ends up looking like an ice cream cone instead of a heart
  8. explain that you want a different pattern drawn in each quarter of the heart but just draw the outline of the shapes, don’t color in.
  9. fill in the background of the inside of the hearts with warm colored watercolor paint, tell students they can paint right over their drawings because the oil pastel resists the water
  10. fill in the background behind the heart with cool colors
  11. glue to colored construction paper and put on drying rack

Thanks to Create Art With Me for my inspiration!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Those turned out beautiful!! Don’t you LOVE children’s art!! The displays in the frames look so nice-are those small bulletin boards?


    1. crrains says:

      Thank you! I am currently doing this lesson again with my second graders and they are turning out so well. They are small bulletin boards in the entrance to my school across from the office. They made it easy to switch out art.


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