Goldfish Handprints

At one of my two schools we are working on a Square 1 Art fundraiser to help out the PTA. The project I did with my kinders was this super cute hand print goldfish. I was really nervous about letting kinders paint their hands, I had visions of them getting covered head to toe in orange paint. However they all did a great job with it!

First they created painted paper using cool colors for one 30 minute class period.

The next class I showed them how to paint just the palm of their hand orange and press it down to make a print. Some didn’t paint fast enough and we had to go back over spots that already started to dry.

Then they used brown paint and brushes to paint stones/pebbles at the bottom of their fish bowl. And green paint for seaweed.

Then they sued old spools and plastic caps to print on bubbles with white paint.

The last step to finish off during the next class while they were working on another project was to call them over a few at a time to use sharpies to draw on faces and fins.

I LOVE how they turned out! Bonus was that this lesson hit a lot of art standards!

Thanks to Walking by the Way for my inspiration!


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