Catching Snowflakes

Second Grade made these adorable oil pastel drawings. I have gotten more compliments about this project than any other this year. Some teachers wanted to hang one in their own house! Many were reminded of Charlie Brown comics. It was also popular among the students, they felt very successful with this lesson, I think it’s a keeper!

Catching Snowflakes – grade 2


Objective: Have students use their imaginations to think of how they might look if they were in a snowstorm catching snowflakes. Students learn about different perspectives and how to create a self portrait is a different perspective than usual. They focus on pattern and repetition when adding details to project.

Materials: Light Blue 9X12 construction paper, oil pastels

  • We started with a guided drawing. I would draw one shape and the students would give me a thumbs up when they were done and ready for the next shape.
  • They began by drawing the face (with the little button nose on top)
  • Then they drew the scarf and body.
  • Following that, they added in more details, such as the mouth (Don’t forget to skip a space in the teeth if you are missing one!), and the hair (Crazy hair, we are in a blizzard after all). 
  • The last requirement was to fill the sweater and scarf with a pattern. We talked about the Principal of Design, Repetition.
  • They will use oil pastels to color it all in



Use personal point of view of the environment as a source of imagery.


Understand the “story” in works of art.


Create original art that expresses ideas about people, neighborhoods, or communities.


Understand characteristics of the Elements of Art, including lines, shapes, colors, textures, form, space, and value.


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