Value Pumpkins

IMG_8162 (2)

Value Pumpkins

For this lesson my second graders learned about the element of art VALUE.

Materials: purple 9×12 construction paper

construction paper crayons: white, yellow, yellow-orange, orange, pink-orange, dark blue

  1. discuss the element of art – value
  2. demo how to create value on an object
  3. students each draw a large pumpkin with blue crayon – emphasize that it needs to take up most of the paper. A pumpkin in made with tall, skinny ovals
  4. then follow along as I show how to use a variety of colors to achieve value
  5. To add color, we worked light to dark starting with white crayon at the top of each section, and working downward, blending each successive color- white, yellow, yellow-orange, orange, pink-orange
  6. After the first layer, we went back and added more white at the top following the curve of each section, then blue at the bottom, following the curves up.
  7. Next, we added a shadow below the pumpkin
  8. Students who have time are able to add any details they wanted to the background but not many had time for this step.

I can use value to make an object look three dimensional

I can blend using crayons

I can draw a pumpkin based on real life

This lesson is based on a lesson I found on Adventures of An Art Teacher Check out her awesome art blog!


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