Reaching for the Stars Mural

School wide collaborative project: Reaching for the Stars

I wanted to start the school year with a collaborative collage mural to give the students a sense of teamwork and unity for the start of the school year. It also helped me as a first time art teacher starting out with one project using simple supplies. I adore how this turned out! I plan on leaving it up the entire school year.

We started with a google slide show that introduced me as a teacher since I am new to the school and went over the class rules. Then I briefly went over each of the elements of art.

Materials: 6X18 drawing paper, markers, rulers

  1. Trace your hand and arm to fill the whole paper

  2. Outline in black marker

  3. Divided into 7 sections with ruler

  4. Draw a different pattern based on the Elements of Art in each section

  5. Color in with markers

  6. Cut out when approved by Mrs Hooper

  7. Early finishers can cut out gold stars

Go over how I want the entire paper inside arm covered unless there are defined white shapes.

Thanks to Jamestown Elementary Art for the inspiration!

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