First Year Art Teacher!

Welcome to my new blog!

art bulletin board 2014

After getting my teaching licence and two years of being in assistant positions in the schools I have my much desired position teaching art! I am very lucky to be at two wonderful schools in western North Carolina. I spent one week at one school and one week at the other school with somewhere between 750-800 students between my two schools. One of my school is on a year round schedule and the other on a traditional schedule so my schedule is pretty complicated this year. I started in July but only work every other week until my second school starts up. In addition to art my other love is technology (I got my bachelors degree in digital art) so I want to make blogging a priority.

I will start out with some pictures of one of my art rooms. This one I share with the music teacher so it is very musical as well!

My desk with my Art Party Game on the bulletin board behind. Students earn up to three points each class to move towards having a free choice art day!

My rainbow "I Can" statement bulletin board, I have assigned a color to each grade in rainbow order. This bulletin board has also been helpful to point at kids when they forget the rainbow order or how to mix colors.

Storage galore! The school supply of construction paper, bulletin board paper and temera paint are kept in my room. Its very convenient for me and I get a lot of visitors in my little far away corner of the school.


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